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Tips for Choosing Pet-Friendly Patio Furniture

When it comes to purchasing furniture for the patio, you need to consider a few factors! Before buying, you should have complete knowledge about how your furry little friend will interact with it. If you have a dog that likes to chew stuff or a cat that likes to scratch surfaces, then look for the following qualities in patio furniture to get items that your pets can’t damage:

Tear and Scratch Resistant

When checking out different materials and surfaces for patio furniture, make sure that it is pet safe. While you may like a certain material, you’ll need to think; if your furry friend’s claws will cause damage to it.  Also, check if the scratches and tears will be too prominent on it.


Prioritize Removable Fabric Covers


If you’re planning to buy fabric loveseats and chairs for your patio, just make sure that their covers are removable. By machine-washing these covers, you can remove pet hairs to keep the fabric neat and clean. With the likeliness that your dog and cat can track dirt onto the fabric covers, being able to wash them can make a significant impact in keeping you happy with the purchase!

Make Sure the Furniture Can’t Be Discolored

Pets love to hop onto the furniture, thus increasing the chances of accidents. Ensure that the furniture you’re buying cannot be discolored so that it looks great for the years to come. 

Avoid Wood If your Pet Chews

As an added point, avoid wood furniture for your patio if you have an unstoppable pet who loves to chew. Constant scratching and chewing on wood will leave some unpleasant marks and scratches which no one wants to deal with!

Final Words:

Your pets can easily damage different parts of the home, so it’s vital to take the necessary measures to prevent those problems. Make sure to keep the above tips in mind before buying your pet-friendly patio furniture. With pet-friendly patio furniture items, you can have a beautiful place to relax while enjoying your furry friend’s company. After all, as a parent of a pet, you need to accommodate your furry family member!




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