PE Wicker

The wicker we use is not only intricately braided for beauty, it is a non-fading material crafted from half-round PE wicker that is 100% recycled and easily cleaned with a simple garden hose. Wicker is actually the woven construction that is used to create a specific design or look out of rattan, bamboo, or other materials. Our wicker furniture is made from half round PE rattan. This is a synthetic material that is specifically designed to withstand wind, rain, sun, and freezing temperatures without degrading or deteriorating. Our half round wicker is thicker, stronger, and more durable than the materials used to make cheap flat wicker furniture. The cheaper wicker will become brittle if it is exposed to the heat of the sun or the freezing temperatures. Our PE wicker can be left beside the pool because chlorine will not damage or affect the beauty or the strength of the materials. You can also use this wicker furniture close to the ocean because the salt water will not damage the material the wicker is crafted out of. The tensile strength of our wicker is good enough that you can feel confident that it will be able to support the weight of even your heaviest guest without giving, cracking, bending or breaking. To make our wicker furniture more beautiful it is hand woven by master craftsmen who use a method of weaving that was perfected in the Philippines, Indonesia, and other areas of the world. This method of weaving creates intricate and captivating braided designs that give our furniture pieces unique appearances. This type of wicker is easy to clean. You can simply hose the furniture off to remove pollen, dust, and dirt that it might be exposed to.