Weatherproof Cover for Glacier Patio Set

Weatherproof Cover for Glacier Patio Set

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When it comes to your outdoor living furniture, protecting and maintaining it is important if you want to keep using it for years to come. The idea of caring for an additional set of furniture might at first sound like hard work, but it isn't when you shop with Cozy Corner Patios. Our Patio Furniture Rain Covers make it easy for you to preserve the appearance and physical integrity of each piece of furniture, no matter how big or small, whenever wet weather strikes.

The Patio Furniture Rain Covers are crafted out of ultra-tough and strong waterproof material that won't allow any moisture to seep through it and reach the furniture underneath. Instead, even the heaviest of rain will roll off of the cover, and any snow or ice that piles up on it won't drip water through it, no matter how heavy the precipitation gets.

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Engineered for performance, built for everyone.

Every Cozy Corner Patios outdoor furniture is hand-made for your style and comfort. With finest material and artisan workmanship, you are sure to flaunt our creation around in your backyard! See some of our design inspirations. 




Our Furniture Differentiation

We use finest of the fine material available to build every piece of Cozy Corner Patios outdoor furniture set for you to enjoy Summer with your loved ones. Our quality promise makes our customers come back to us one time and every time.

UV Resistant Half Round PE Wicker

Our wicker furniture is made from half round PE rattan. This is a synthetic material that is specifically designed to withstand wind, rain, sun, and freezing temperatures without degrading or deteriorating. Our wicker is thicker, stronger, and more durable than the materials used to make cheap flat wicker furniture.

Thick and Comfortable Cushion

The thickness of the cushion on your patio furniture makes the difference in how comfortable your seating is. Most of the cheaper furniture sets are crafted with cushions that are 3” thick or less, but Cozy Corner Patios has no cushions that are thinner than 5". To improve the aesthetics of our cushions each cushion has piping around the edges.

Sunbrella® Fabric

We only offer Sunbrella® Canvas covered cushions because Sunbrella® Canvas can withstand all of the elements without fading, it resists stains, it can be cleaned with a simple garden hose, and it simply stays beautiful longer. Sunbrella® Canvas Fabric is considered the Gold standard in outdoor furniture fabric. It is strong and designed to withstand the outdoor conditions without fading, or piling. It is completely waterproof and comes with a 5 yr warranty against fading.

Lightweight and Sturdy Frame

Our frames are made of powder coated aluminum so they are light in weight, they joints and connections are all welded for strength, they do not rust, and they can support both large and small guests with ease. The aluminum materials used to create the frames of our patio furniture allow the furniture pieces to be lighter and easier to move around or reposition. Aluminum also does not rust or corrode and can be used close to chlorinated pools or in places where the water is salty.