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About Us 

Cozy Corner Patios has a vision to create furniture with exceptional quality, sophisticated and elegant design with reasonable pricing. We pride ourselves with uncompromising quality and consumer experience. Our team at Cozy Corner Patios is dedicated to ensure the best possible customer support. We believe in the extraordinary values of quality, service and a long-term commitment to both our customers and our products. A life with many memories is a life well lived. We provide outdoor furniture specifically designed with standards of excellence so that you can have a comfortable time amidst an open environment with friends and family. Our products are designed in the USA and manufactured offshore under our strict quality processes.  

Our Story

Our company founder, Maria, went shopping for patio furniture. She was exasperated and frustrated by the patio furniture options she found available at local furniture stores, home improvement stores and big box stores. The furniture store selections were too expensive and the big box stores offered lower priced patio sets but the quality of those sets was so poor that they would not stand up to more than a year or more of the outdoor elements before they needed to be replaced. Maria decided that she was going to create a patio furniture store that would offer high quality patio furniture, made from the best materials, and still priced where the majority of people could afford to own a set. Maria established Cozy Corner Patios just outside of Denver, Colorado.

4 Pillars of Success

Maria based the company strategy of Cozy Corner Patio furniture on four things

Superior Quality

Reasonable pricing

Unbeatable Customer Support

Community Development

Superior Quality

The number one priority of Cozy Corner Patio Furniture is to sell high quality patio furniture that we are proud to have our name on. The high quality materials are designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and luxuriously comfortable so that you will want to sit on them for long periods of time. Each piece is created to withstand the wind, rain, cold, and heat that Mother Nature puts them through without fading, or deteriorating. Your furniture will stay beautiful and stay comfortable for several years.

Reasonable Pricing

In order for Cozy Corner Patios to sell our pieces at reasonable prices and still provide high quality materials we decided to eliminate the middle man and sell our pieces from our website. This keeps our overhead costs to a minimum so we can keep our prices as low as possible.

Unbeatable Customer Support

From the moment you start to view our products you will have unbeatable customer support at your fingertips. Our customer service specialist know everything there is to know about each product that we sell and they can answer any questions you might have about the pieces. You can talk to these customer support specialists once or one hundred times and you will find them to be friendly, knowledgeable, affable, and eager to help you find what you are looking for. Our customer support team is there to help you understand everything about the furniture, and the purchase of the furniture, and they are not going to try to convince you to buy something that you do not absolutely love. If for any reason you have a problem with your patio furniture, or the delivery of your furniture, you will find that the customer support professionals will be just as attentive after you have made your purchase as they were before you bought your pieces. At Cozy Corner Patios we believe that every customer should be 100% satisfied and we will not stop doing everything we can do until you are 100% satisfied.

Community Development

At Cozy Corner Patio we believe in giving back to the community that supports us. We are owned by an owner with a double handicap, she is a woman and a minority so we understand the challenges that many members of the community face better than most companies do. The struggles of underprivileged children are near and dear to our hearts. We understand how important it is for these children to have support systems in place and role models who can demonstrate the values they will need to be successful and contributing members of society. To help the community Cozy Corner Patios donates $5 of each furniture sell to one of the programs and ministries in the community that supports and helps these children have better lives and happier futures.

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