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Top Ten Tips to Take Better Care of Your Wicker Furniture

Wicker outdoor furniture is a popular choice among people who love to host parties and celebrations when the weather gets warmer. Durable, stylish, and comfortable, wicker furniture is an exceptional choice for any decorating schemes and aesthetics. Not only is wicker furniture an attractive choice when creating a getaway right in your backyard, but it’s also extremely resilient and made to withstand extreme weather without fading in color, quality, and comfort. Even though we work hard to deliver long-lasting and high-quality furniture, there are always things you can do to encourage your new furniture to last even longer. Here are 10 tips to take better care of your furniture so that it lasts through many years of get-togethers and parties with the ones you love.



  1. Remove Cushions – Before cleaning the wicker furniture make sure to separate the cushions. Cushions have their own cleaning instructions and what works to keep the wicker clean might be harming the cushions.


  1. Vacuum with a brush – Occasionally after pollen and dirt buildup you’ll need to go in and brush the furniture off. Use a gentle brush attached to a vacuum and remove the buildup which can cause mildew that ultimately leads to the breakdown of the materials and fibers.


  1. Clean Immediately – Stains and spills need to be cleaned immediately. It’ll be much easier to clean and you won’t worry about permanently damaging the color of the furniture or the quality of the wicker.


  1. Place the furniture inside when you can – while our wicker furniture is of the highest quality to take on any weather, excessive moisture and dampness can cause it to age quicker, so if you know there’s going to be bad weather for an extended period of time, place your furniture inside the garage or at least under a patio roof or cover.


  1. Direct sunlight can cause premature fading – just like what we mentioned on tip number 4, our wicker furniture can withstand direct sunlight without fading the color and quality of both the cushions and the frame but with a little care on your end, your furniture can last even longer. If it’s not necessary, try putting your furniture in a screened-in patio area or under some shade like a cover or roof. This will prevent the furniture from cracking and wilting and will keep the cushions and wicker from fading.


  1. For tougher stains, use soap – For spills and stains that are harder to remove, use gentle dish soap and some water to get it out. Once you’re done using that mixture, wash with water only making sure to get rid of all soap residue, and then let it dry.


  1. Avoid harsh chemicals – Use the gentlest cleansers to get rid of problems on your wicker furniture. Harsh chemicals can be damaging to the furniture and will most likely strip the protective finish from the wicker material. Keep it simple and opt for a gentle cleaner or even just water, if that’s already working fine for you.


  1. Use a mixture to get rid of mildew and mold – Mildew is inevitable over time for outdoor furniture so using a gentle cleanser like dish soap or a mixture is the best way to get it out. It’s recommended to use a mixture of 25% white vinegar and 75% water to get out stubborn buildup.


  1. Test heavy-duty cleaners - If you want or need to use a heavier duty cleaner for the furniture, make sure to test it on other furniture pieces or a hidden area of your wicker frame so you know whether it’s gentle enough or causes damage that you might not want others to see when they visit.


  1. Wait to put the cushions back – Once you’ve done your thorough clean of the wicker frame, make sure everything is dry before placing the cushions back on.


Ultimately, you’re purchasing the highest quality of outdoor wicker furniture when you shop with us. We use the best of the best materials so that you’re getting long-lasting furniture that doesn’t t need too much maintenance. These suggestions are here to help your new furniture pieces last as long as possible while providing everyone the comfort and relaxation they need. So as long as you inspect it every so often for any shifting, fading, chips, and stains, you’ll be fine. We offer warranties to bring you peace of mind but just remember, if you use gentle cleansers and clean up messes immediately, you’ll be using your outdoor wicker sets for many years to come as a way to connect to others and celebrate all that life has to offer, together.  

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