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The Only Outdoor Wicker Furniture Guide You'll Ever Need

Once the freezing winter is gone, it’s time to enjoy the warm weather by making the most out of your backyard or balcony. Perfectly complemented patio furniture can turn your small balcony or pocket garden into an enjoyable and useful outdoor space. A set of sofa and spacious table can serve as a dining destination or family room to enjoy the weather. And this is all possible only when you make the right choices.

Wicker furniture has always remained the first choice for outdoor furniture because of its durable, crack-free, blemish-free, and hard-to-fade nature. The arrival of synthetic wicker has added an aesthetic touch to its long list of qualities. It wouldn't be wrong to say that wicker is an all-weather patio furniture option, resistant to Mother Nature and daily use as well.

However, setting the outdoor space requires thoughtful planning on the type of wicker, frame, weaving, color you must choose to make your backyard an ultimate spot for dining, lounging, or entertainment. So, before you dive into buying wicker patio furniture, get a good knowledge of wicker furniture.

Here is the ultimate guide that you'll ever need to choose your wicker furniture. This guide will ensure that you select the best pieces for your outdoor space.

Is There Any Difference Between Wicker And Rattan?

Before moving on to the guide, you must be clear about wicker and rattan. You must have heard the term Rattan outdoor furniture. Sometimes, customers get confused about the difference between wicker and rattan. To be precise, rattan is the material used for weaving, and wicker refers to the woven construction method through which furniture pieces are made.
The commonly used rattan is lightweight synthetic material known as polyethylene rattan (also referred to as resin wicker). It is more resistant to water; sunlight and its use can prevent the overuse of the world's natural rattan resources.

What to Look For When Buying Outdoor Wicker Furniture?

To get the value for money, you need to look for a few things when buying wicker furniture—it will guarantee that you are purchasing a quality product that will last for years to come.

1.   High-Quality Aluminum Frame

The best material to be used as the frame is aluminum. Though it oxidizes with time, it doesn’t rust like iron and stays the strongest. Also, it's pretty lightweight to handle the furniture easily.
Taking advantage of this quality, some manufacturers put thin or low-quality aluminum as a frame. To get over this problem, look for the aluminum frame, which at least has a 1.2 millimeters gauge.
Another reasonable option is a steel frame. It is durable but rusts with time, so not as good as aluminum.

2.   Weaving

Another vital thing to look at is the weaving of rattan----flat, even half-round or narrow round.
● Weaving Type
Flat rattan is the lightest of all and the preferred one. Narrow rounded rattan uses the highest rattan in the weaving process and makes the furniture relatively heavier. Compared to the flat rattan weave,  heavier finish will keep the furniture sturdier for a longer time.
● Color, Texture, And Design of Weaving
Synthetic wicker may give a fake and cheap look. Furniture that has natural color strands with textured ridges gives it a unique look. Such finish reflects light naturally and provides a natural look to synthetic wicker.
Also, look for the colors of the rattan and use one that complements your outdoor space style.
● Polypropylene OR Polyethylene Rattan
An essential thing to mention is that many manufacturers use polypropylene rather than polyethylene rattan. Polypropylene is a cheap and less sturdy material. When recycled, it becomes weak. So, if used for weaving, furniture will be more liable to fall apart even with normal pressure.
Surely it’s better to pay more to get a sturdy and durable material than to get a cheap product that won't even last a few years. Therefore, we suggest you use polyethylene rattan with no more than 5% recycled material.
● Tight and Straight Weave
Since rattan is handwoven, it demands a lot of skill and labor to do the perfect job. Good woven wicker is consistently tight and straight that lasts longer, whereas a poorly woven wicker will be crooked or shoddy and hardly provides any comfort or support. Therefore, always look for the tight weave to avoid buying a cheap, loose weave that sags in whenever you sit.

3.   Cushioning Material for Wicker Furniture

Generally, two main types of cushion materials are used-----Foam sponge and sandwich.
Regular sponge in wicker brings the cost down and is suitable when you use furniture occasionally. If you want a set to use throughout the year, go for Sandwich type foam. Sandwich foam has one layer of foam and one layer of Dacron, which is considered an ideal material to use between the foam layers.
Moreover, avoid low-density foam that offers little support and comfort and props your back horribly. Good foam must have a minimum density of 28 kilograms per cubic meter.

4.   Best Fabric for Wicker

When your furniture is occasionally used and isn’t placed in direct sunlight, polyester is a good option as a fabric for cushions. Polyester is available in various colors, shades, and patterns but fades away in the sunlight.
Only 100% acrylic fabric will resist the weather changes and hold the colors for a long time. Still, when not using, you should keep the fabric under some shade to prolong its life.
Another best-regarded fabric for outdoor furniture is Sunbrella that is water, fade, stain, mildew, and mold resistant. It can withstand up to 300 hours of sunlight before fading. Since it is more expensive than other fabrics, you would find it only in some premium furniture items.

Where to Find the Best Outdoor Wicker Furniture?

Cozy Corner Patios has high-quality outdoor wicker furniture and commits never to sell any cheap stuff. We ensure that the best material is used in manufacturing top-notch outdoor wicker furniture capable of resisting the harshest of the weather but never fails to enhance the aesthetics of your patios. Compared to other brands, Cozy corner patios have the most reasonably priced wicker furniture that is hard to get at the same price at other stores.

The Grand Canyon- 5pc Sunbrella® Outdoor Sofa Set by Cozy Corner Patios is the best seller wicker furniture set that fulfills all the labels quality wicker furniture must-have. So, don't forget to look at the best seller and other remarkably manufactured wicker furniture sets at Cozy Corner Patios.

Final Words

After going through various aspects, you must be convinced why high-quality wicker furniture is three to four times more expensive than other low-quality sets. So, no matter what your style is, always keep quality as your priority.

Once you are done setting up patio wicker furniture, make it long-lasting by regularly cleaning and protecting it. Never forget to remove dirt and pollen, let it air dry after cleaning with water, and keep it in a shaded area when not in use.

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