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Did You Know You Can Custom-Build Your Outdoor Sofa Set?


Did you know at Cozy Corner Patios we not only offer exceptionally high-quality outdoor furniture that’s affordable and long-lasting, but we also allow you to custom build your own design that perfectly matches your outdoor aesthetic and scheme. On our website at cozycornerpatios.com, you’ll see a range of products that are great combinations for mixing and matching. These customizable sectionals are durable but also lightweight, meaning you can move them around and place them wherever you’d like with ease. There are limitless combinations to fit the design in mind, all you have to do is bring us your ideas and we’ll create the end result.


Mix and Match Furniture Pieces

While we do have best-seller sofa sets that can fit a large family, we also understand there are many reasons to create your own unique set, like the size of your family, your backyard layout and how big your get-togethers get when you host. This is why we’ve given our customers the option of purchasing stand-alone furniture elements that they can be pieced together to create the perfect set that meets everyone’s needs. On our website under custom order, you’ll see our Golden Series, a popular collection offering you plush and stylish outdoor pieces like the ottoman, the club chair, middle sofa 2-piece chairs, and corner sofa 2-piece chairs. These 4 essential furniture pieces will help to create any customized backyard seating arrangement.


These quality light-weight furniture products can be moved to accommodate the space in your backyard. For those looking to mix and match, the Golden Series includes individual pieces you can piece together to create a set fitting for your backyard design. For example, the ottoman paired with a corner sofa would be the perfect match to keep in a secluded and calm area of the backyard for times when one needs to be left alone. Furthermore, our Deep Seating collection also has individual pieces that are perfect for matching up with others. Pairing the ottoman from the Golden Series with 2 club chairs from the Deep Seating Series offers the perfect opportunity to lounge and relax.


All of these pieces are made from half-round PE Rattan material (a synthetic material) and can withstand changes in weather and the effects like fading, wilting, and deteriorating. We even bring you ultimate comfort with our 5-inch-thick cushions, created with Sunbrella fabric so that you can experience relaxation at its best without worrying about spills, stains, and deteriorating fabric.



When you’re customizing your backyard layout, keep in mind we also offer add-on pieces that further enhance your patio and backyard area. For those needing an extra ottoman or armchair for larger parties, we’ve got the perfect products for you. We also offer a cozy lounger that’s meant for laying down and closing your eyes or sitting back and reading your favorite book. Need a little extra room to put plates and cups on? Our wicker center table and aluminum square coffee table are the perfect piece to bring you extra room while keeping your layout chic and stylish.


Custom-Made Cushions

Not only is the wicker furniture custom-designed but we also offer custom-made cushions. If you’ve picked your base and aluminum frame but want to change cushions or bring new color to your yard, we make it easy to customize cushions by creating this easy-to-use guide on how to measure and choose your style. For cushions, you need to look at the style you prefer as well as the shape that’s needed for your specific furniture piece. When you measure for the new cushions, we need to get the width, height, back height, and depth. There are several different fabrics to choose from all from the high-quality Sunbrella materials we use for all of our orders. You then need to choose how firm or soft you want your cushions to be. Whether firm and thick or plush and soft, we can create the perfect custom filling for your cushion set. The last part is where it gets creative. You can choose any piping or ties to your cushions which are decorations on the outside of your pillows and cushions. If you’re looking to add a touch of color and taste, adding that decorative element will bring the entire look of your set together. Just give us clear instructions and any added pieces and we can get it done for you.



At Cozy Corner Patios, we want to make designing your own outdoor furniture sets easy and efficient. We offer so many unique and affordable furniture pieces that not only enhance your outdoor space, but also are efficient to use and bring an element of elegance and style.

Let us help you create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests with exceptional outdoor furniture and cushions that will not only last a lifetime but also bring your backyard haven to life color and design.

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